Free resources for your website.

Creating a website is very easy.

First you need a FTP client to connect to the server. I recommend WinSPC Click here to download WinSPC.

Then of course, you need an idea :-)

What about a blog ?
Nibbleblog is very simple and does not require a database Click to download Nibbleblog.

If you want to run a forum, Mybb is light, complete and fast Click to download Mybb (requires a database).

If you want to do the hard work and build your own content, but without starting from zero, here you can find a collection of free HTML templates (Link)

Last but not least: the logo. For all your image editing needs you can use the Gimp (Link)

Once you have your website up and running, you might want to know about its traffic !
Open Web Analytics does the job ;-) Click to download Open Web Analytics (requires a database).

That's it ! good luck with your website !